Guaranteed Compatibility

We tailor our service to meet the individual needs of each client and we provide a guarantee of compatibility. Our guarantee offers our clients the peace of mind of knowing they can replace the caregiver at anytime.

Continuity of Care

Because change can be difficult, we strive to maintain the level of continuity of service for clients. Having the same caregiver offers priceless stability for clients and family members.

Stay At Home

Select Home Care is an experienced, dedicated and caring organization. Our services allow the client to remain at home with exclusive personal care.

Affordable Solutions

Select Home Care works hard to make sure you always have the most affordable home care options for you and your loved ones.

Select Home Care Services

Dementia Home Care

Dementia Care

Select Home Care specializes in dementia home care. Someone with dementia often perceives the world differently and our in-home caregivers are specially trained to help our clients cope with that change. We will communicate openly with the client to ensure a clear understanding and give them a chance to participate in his or her own homecare. More…

24 Hour Home Care

24 Hour Care

Sometimes, you may want the safety and security of knowing someone is always there to help. Select Home Care services can be arranged on a live-in schedule to provide 24 hour home care. This is generally a cost effective route when your loved one needs minimum to moderate supervision. More…

Companionship Care

A nurse with a happy elderly woman

Friendship and social interaction is vital to us all. Companionship care consists of having someone to talk to, play games, company on errands, and just simply someone to be a friend. We strive to match our staff and clients based on personality to create a friendship and a bond. More…