“Looking For At Home Senior Care In Thousand Oaks CA Or At Another Location We Serve?”

If you’re looking for at home senior care in Thousand Oaks CA or anywhere else that we provide services, you’ve come to the right place. The first and most difficult decision when a loved one needs long-term care is whether to arrange for care to be provided to the person in their home or to relocate the person to receive care at a facility. The day will come when you find that a loved one – a spouse, partner, relative, or close friend – needs help with the activities of daily living. This may be because of illness, injury, or the normal challenges of aging. Increasing numbers of people are living to advanced ages in the United States. And for many, their wish is to remain in their homes where families were raised and memories were made. Select Home Care is the premier choice for those families looking for a stay-at-home solution with the highest level of managed care.

Many people in need of at home senior care in Thousand Oaks and beyond do not know what type of care they need, where to find care, and how to properly research options. Ten thousand people turn 65 every day and home care will become part of people’s lives. Select Home Care serves a vital role in helping people live more independent lives outside of institutions and keeping them closer to their families.

Select Home Care is recommended by hospitals, discharge planners, social workers, Councils on Aging, geriatric physicians, geriatric care managers, and many other healthcare and eldercare professionals.

At Select Home Care we want you to feel comfortable and safe. Trust, reliability, and experience are all major issues to consider when choosing a home care agency. You can take comfort in knowing that Select Home Care ensures your best experience by providing the following:

  • All of our caregivers are W2 employees, not independent 1099 contractors.
  • Al caregivers are properly insured through workmans’ compensation and liability insurance.
  • Background and reference checks are completed for each employee.
  • We are available 24/7 to address any concern or situations that may arise.
  • A Plan-of-Care is developed and tailored specifically to the client’s needs.
  • All cases are monitored by follow-up visits to the client’s home.