5 Tips to Know When Considering Hospice Care

Ideally an elderly person and their family will consider hospice care well before they need to, unfortunately this is not always the case. Hospice care remains an excellent option for those who want effective in home health care during the final stages of life. Here are 5 tips for anyone to consider when trying to [...]

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Financing Senior Health Care

It’s normal for a person to not know exactly how much senior care costs, and part of this is due to the fact that it obviously varies for everyone. Another component of being unsure is largely due to the fact that most people probably assume they can’t afford it, and therefore it’s much easier to [...]

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Understanding and Preventing Pneumonia in Seniors

Pneumonia in the elderly is particularly threatening because as the body ages, the immune system can weaken considerably. In home care services for aging seniors, it can prove difficult to spot the symptoms of this disease. At times pneumonia symptoms mimic the signs of a person with Alzheimer’s. To understand the best preventive practices, an [...]

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2016 Dementia Risks

Knowing the risks can help a person in home senior care feel more in control (and thereby calmer) about what they can do to help themselves avoid a certain fate. Education will also ensure that family members can follow the same rules as well to help keep them out of risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s. [...]

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3 Dementia Myths

Unfortunately, there are still lots of people who don’t understand dementia or Alzheimer’s. It creates confusion and frustration for everyone which can lead to anger or worse. Those providing home care for seniors should be educated about this particular topic of course, though families could also stand to learn more too. Once they do, their [...]

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Inspiring Better Communication With Seniors

Communication difficulties can increase when there’s a large gap between ages. Similar to how one takes a different strategy when in communication with a teenager, there needs to be a slightly altered approach when inspiring communication with an elderly person in home care. Anyone in Select Home Care’s senior home care knows that there’s anxiety [...]

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