When Your Loved One Resists Care

What can you do when you see that a loved one needs care, but he or she will not accept help? How can you encourage someone to accept assistance? The tips below may help. Involve the person in decisions. Approach the person with respect. If at all possible, the person should remain in charge of [...]

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Taking Care of Your Health: Self-Managing Medications

Many people need to take more than one type of medication. Medications can play a helpful role in your health or the health of a person you are caring for. But keeping track of more than one medication can be difficult. When do you take them? Will they interact with each other? Here are some [...]

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Department of Veterans Affairs “Aid and Attendance” Pension Program

Many years ago the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) developed a new pension program designed to provide financial assistance to physically disabled veterans who lacked the funds necessary to provide the care they needed. This pension benefit extends to the veteran's surviving spouse, and, in certain cases, to the veteran's children and parents. Unlike Medicaid, [...]

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Healthy Eating And Older Adults: 10 Tips for Good Nutrition

As you age, nutrition plays an important role in health. But for some people, health problems or trouble with taste, smell, and chewing make it more difficult to get good nutrition. Below are 10 tips to help you or a loved one get the nutrition you need. 1. Look At Changing Nutrition Needs As you [...]

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Caregiving: How to Get the Whole Family Involved

Are you a relative or friend of an older, ill or disabled person? Is one family member responsible for providing or arranging most or all of the care? Do you want other family members and friends to become more involved? These tips can help. Start With a Family Meeting Call a family meeting to discuss [...]

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Medicaid Services for Home Care

Here are some general guidelines for helping individuals become eligible for Medicaid services at home under the personal care and homemaker program. This is given for educational purposes only. They must meet financial and physical needs. For example they cannot have more than $2050 assets; spouses can have roughly $109K. They must also need close [...]

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Non-Medical Home Care: Allowing Seniors to Remain Independent

As the population of America is graying, society is evolving and eliminating many of the support structures that historically had allowed seniors to reside in their own homes until their final days. Fifty years ago, women were typically relied upon to stay at home and take care of an elderly relative. In today's world, women [...]

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Preventing Falls

Falls are a common cause of injury in older adults. Broken hips are just one of the risks of falling; the fear of falling may cause a person to limit his or her mobility. You can do a lot to reduce the risk of falls. Look below for tips that can help. Prevent Falls At [...]

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Study Shows Senior Health Care in US Lags Behind Other Countries [Part 3 of 3]

Access to health care for seniors in US is more difficult This post concludes our 3-part series on the recent Commonwealth Fund study conducted on the condition of senior health care for Americans compared to senior health care in 10 other countries. We have already discussed the first two findings: US seniors are sicker than [...]

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