Bathing Services

Bathing and toileting are two of the most personal things that a person does throughout the day. For many of us, we take for granted being able to bath ourselves and care to our personal matters. However, for the aging, bathing and attending to other personal care needs may be difficult due to illness or loss of mobility.

Assisting a family member or someone you know in bathing care services can feel awkward both for you and them. In home care can be the right solution for you or your loved one. Select Home Care offers senior bathing services for elders too frail or sick to take care of themselves.

One of our highly trained in home caregivers will arrive at the home and provide bathing and other grooming services. This ensures that the senior receives proper hygiene maintenance and helps avoid falls associated with slippery floors and transferring in and out of the shower or tub. Above all else it provides families peace of mind knowing their loved one will be clean and in good hands.

Sample Visit Schedule 1.5 hours

  • Baths, showers, shampoo in bed, tub, or shower
  • Routine nail, skin, and hair grooming
  • Oral care

  • Shaving
  • Changing bed linens

If you or your loved one find the need for care, please contact a Select Home Care Branch.