“Looking For Pasadena Home Care Services?”

Just because your loved one needs help doesn’t mean they have to give up their independence and move into a long-term care facility. At Select Home Care Pasadena, we specialize in providing home care services to residents of Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Arcadia and the surrounding towns. Whether your loved one requires occasional supervision, 24-hour care, assistance taking medicine, or simply a helping companion to get them through the day, our professional caregivers allow your loved one to continue to live in the comfort of their home while receiving the appropriate care.

We guarantee to match you with the perfect caregiver from our professional, experienced staff to give your loved one the attention they need and deserve. For your Pasadena home care needs,  contact us today to find out how our care services can be a great alternative to nursing homes.

Featured Services:

Dementia Home Care – Select Home Care Pasadena specializes in dementia home care. Dementia is a broad term that describes many different symptoms, from mild memory loss to Alzheimer’s. Our dementia home care services can fit any need your loved one may have.

24-Hour Home Care – Select Home Care Pasadena services can be arranged on a live-in or 24-hour coverage schedule. 24-hour home care provides the convenience of receiving care from the comfort of your own home. 24-hour home care provides an alternative to a nursing home, can lessen time in the hospital, and alleviate any additional stress to the client and their family. 24 hour home care provides assistance and care throughout the day while providing the security of not being alone at night.

Hospice Support Care – Select Home Care Pasadena can provide caregivers who are specifically trained to meet the physical needs of hospice patients, as well as provide comfort and emotional support to families. Because hospice typically relies on family members to take on the primary caregiving role, home care often picks up where the hospice agency and other medical services end by providing additional support services.

Companionship Care – Friendship and social interaction is vital to us all. Companionship care consists of having someone to talk to, play games with, accompany on errands, and just simply someone to be a friend. We strive to match our staff and clients with based on personality to create a friendship and a bond.

Additional Services:

Night Supervision – Many clients will only need night time care to supervision. Select Home Care staff can provide night supervision.

Personal Care – Select Home Care staff will help with all areas of personal care, including: hair care, oral hygiene, skin care, incontinence care, dressing and grooming.

Ambulation Assistance – Some of our clients only require minimal transfer supervision to avoid a fall and others require maximum assistance with ambulation. We have experienced and trained staff that are able to transfer and assist in any situation with the knowledge of body mechanics and certain techniques that can safely transfer your loved ones.

Bed Positioning – Proper bed positioning is imperative when a loved one is bed bound. Long periods with no movement can stop circulation and create bed sores and severe skin infection. It is vital to have a change in positions regularly. A caregiver to keep a close watch can be extremely helpful.

Exercise Assistance – Maintaining a good exercise program catered to the individuals needs can be the catalyst in avoiding future trips to the hospital. A simple walk or exercise program can not only promote good health but it can also invigorate the mind.

Medication Reminders – Most medications require to be taken at a certain time to work properly and to avoid complication. It can become difficult to know which medication to take at which time. We help to maintain a regimen and make sure that medications are taken at the correct time.

Meal Planning, Preparation and Cleanup – Our staff will plan out meals with each client according to each specific need or likes. Our caregivers are experienced with cooking and preparing all different types of meals. They can prepare the meals and serve them fresh or a meal can also be prepared and saved for later.

Monitor Diet – Many of our clients are under strict orders to maintain a certain diet. We monitor each specific diet based on the individual’s needs.

Monitor Nutrient and Liquid Intake – Dehydration is very common among the Elderly. We want to ensure that our clients are receiving the proper fluid intake to stay fit and healthy.

Assist with Special Eating Needs – There are special eating needs for many of our clients. Having food pureed is the most common. We can prepare a ground, pressed, blended meal to the proper consistency for easy swallowing. Other special eating needs will be properly administered based on specific need.

Provide Transportation to Appointments and Errands – Transportation can be provided on errands and appointments of any kind. Our staff can drive their own vehicle or if the client would prefer that they use their vehicle, that can be arranged as well.

Complete Errands – In addition to providing transportation to appointments and errands, we understand that from time to time the people under our care may not be able to complete an errand. Our caregivers will gladly assist in completing these errands whenever possible.

Light Housekeeping – The primary importance is to care for our clients, however when housekeeping is needed and the client is cared for, our staff will lend their attention to cleaning up and maintaining a clean environment. This includes laundry, dusting, tidying, linen changing, and vacuuming.

Escort to Events and Religious Services – We want to promote independence and although some have lost the physical ability to take themselves to social or religious functions, we can be an escort to them and make that possible and give them the ability to take part in these services to maintain their independence.

Letter Writing – During free time, our caregivers will assist clients in writing letters.

Game Playing – Having fun by playing board games, card games and more is one of the best ways to maintain strong mental aptitude and happiness for the elderly and infirm.

Conversation – Good conversation lets us share our feelings and thoughts. A simple conversation can avoid feelings of loneliness and depression.

Pet Care – Our caregivers are happy to provide basic care to your pets while in your home.