“Looking For Pasadena At Home Care? We Offer In-Home Senior Care!”

At Select Home Care, we’ve made it our mission to become the premier provider of Pasadena at home care for the elderly and disabled. We know that seniors and disabled adults who choose to live at home have unique and specific needs. We’re dedicated to furnishing them with exactly the help they require to maintain maximum independence and stay safe and healthy.

We provide unparalleled service and offer an endless array of Pasadena home care assistance options to satisfy the requirements of our patients and their loved ones. Here’s what makes us such a great choice:

Flexible custom scheduling

We offer live-in, round-the-clock care–including hourly, all-day, and nightly–with no minimum weekly or monthly requirements. Our expert staff can help you determine which schedules are likely to be the most effective and economical in your particular situation; but, in the end, we believe you and your loved ones should get to decide exactly when, and for how long, a caregiver will be in the home.

Our caregivers are available to assist patients as much or as little as required. We encourage clients to design their own individualized schedules that suit their particular circumstances.

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Any service you can think of, readily available for Pasadena at home care

When you invest in at home care, you deserve to have access to the services you need. Whether our patients could use help getting to and from yoga classes, taking medications correctly and on time, writing letters or emails, moving around the house, bathing, and grooming, or something else entirely, we’re ready to offer support.

At Select Home Care, we offer the widest array of services in the field, and we encourage individual requests. We can help you identify the forms of assistance that would benefit a loved one the most, too.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help creating a tailor-made plan just right for you and your family.

Expert caregivers who love what they do

The right home care provider does so much more than simply cook meals or dispense medications. Excellent caregivers inspire patients to feel hopeful and confident again, spark renewed enthusiasm for hobbies and interests, and alleviate loneliness and discomfort. We devise unique and effective solutions to home health and daily living challenges, based on your specialized knowledge and skills. Select Home Care will offer reliable support, insight, and trustworthy advice to family members during difficult times.

With Pasadena at home care, we make it our number one priority to hire the best, most experienced caregivers in the at home care field and invest heavily in their professional development and job satisfaction after they join our team. Our staff members are treated like the talented, valuable resources they are, while we provide extensive ongoing training to ensure they possess extensive, up-to-the-minute knowledge about home care delivery.

Ready to find out more? Visit our website or call us at (626) 799-4855 (office) or (888) 990-7353 (toll-free) for further information.