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Select Home Care’s Senior Services

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Professional caregiver helping elderly home care client

Select’s Senior Care Services enable individuals to function independently at the highest level  possible. Listed before are some of the activities of daily living which our staff assist with:

Personal Care – Our caregivers will help senior clients with all areas of personal care. Many elderly clients are embarrassed when receiving assist with showering, bathing, toileting or any other personal needs. We help maintain the dignity seniors deserve by allowing them to do as much as they can for themselves while assisting when and where needed. Select’s Senior Care Services are part of the personal care we assist it.

Hair Care –  Many of our clients enjoy the luxuries of life. One being having your hair done. While our staff are not professional hair stylist they can help do your hair. Select Home Care staff can help with shampooing, conditioning, brushing and blow drying clients hair. Most common is to have our staff will take you to get your hair done at your local salon. Select’s Senior Care Services are part of the hair care we assist it.

Oral Hygiene Care – The practice of keeping the mouth clean is important to avoid dental cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath. Our staff can physically help with brushing teeth or verbally help. We encourage and assist to keep a routine schedule to care for these things. As with any of these activities, our goal is to help as much or little allowing the client to maintain independence. Oral hygiene care is part of Select’ Senior Care Services.

Skin Care – The Elderly are more susceptible to skin disease and skin infection due to the change that takes place as we age. With the proper care of the skin and some simple tips, we can help prevent infections and maintain healthy skin. Some tips include: avoid hot baths and frequent showers, use only mild soaps, and gently apply moisturizers to the skin after every shower or bath, keep properly hydrated by drinking more liquids and use a room humidifier during the winter and in dry climates. For more help with skin care please contact Select Home Care.

Incontinence Care – Incontinence care requires dignity. Our staff are trained to provide extreme patience and overall gentle care when helping with incontinence care. Our staff can provide comfort to those who are experiencing the stress that this can cause. It may not be something that can be cured, but it can be controlled. Regardless of the extent of your loved ones incontinence, there are a few steps that may help provide relief for the both of you: talk to your doctor, encourage your loved one to follow-through with treatment recommendations, be aware of dietary changes and encourage the use of protective undergarments. For more infmoration visit Family Caregiver Alliance.

Ambulation Assistance – Some of our clients only require minimal transfer supervision to avoid a fall and others require maximum assistance with ambulation. We have well experienced and trained staff that are able to transfer and assist in any situation with the knowledge of body mechanics and certain techniques that can safely transfer your loved ones. Range of motion exercises are important for those rehabilitating from various aliments. Limited range of motion impairs function and tends to cause pain and to predispose patients to pressure ulcers.

Dressing and Grooming Assistance – It is common for some to feel like they have lost their independence when needing assistance with dressing and grooming. We are sensitive to each of their needs and feelings while promoting encouragement and motivation.

Bed Positioning – Proper bed positioning is imperative when a loved one is bed bound. Long periods with no movement can stop circulation and create bed sores and severe skin infection. It is vital to have a change in positions regularly. A caregiver to keep a close watch can be extremely helpful.

Exercise Assistance – Maintaining a good exercise program catered to the individuals needs can be the catalyst in avoiding future trips to the hospital. A simple walk or exercise program can not only promote good health but it can also invigorate the mind.

General Care and Supervision – We want to make sure your loved one has the general care and supervision as the standard. To make sure that they are comfortable, well cared for and that they have the basics covered.

Medication Reminders – Most medications require to be taken at a certain time to work properly and to avoid complication. It can become difficult to know which medication to take at which time. We help to maintain a regimen and make sure that medications are taken at the correct time.

Meal Planning – Our staff will plan out meals with each client according to each specific need or likes.

Meal Preparation and Cleanup – Our caregivers are experienced with cooking and preparing all different types of meals. They can prepare the meals and serve them fresh or a meal can also be prepared and saved for later.

Monitor Diet – Many of our clients are under strict orders to maintain a certain diet. We monitor each specific diet based on the individuals needs.

Monitor Nutrient and Liquid Intake – Dehydration is very common among the Elderly. We want to ensure that our clients are receiving the proper fluid intake to stay fit and healthy. Monitoring nutrient and liquid intake are all part of Select’ Senior Care Services.

Assist with Special Eating Needs – There are special eating needs for many of our clients. Having food pureed is the most common. We can prepare a ground, pressed, blended meal to the proper consistency for easy swallowing. Other special eating needs will be properly administered based on specific need.

Provide Transportation to Appointments and Errands – Transportation can be provided on errands and appointments of any kind. Our staff can drive their own vehicle or if the client would prefer that they use their vehicle, that can be arranged as well.

Complete Errands – In addition to providing transportation to appointments and errands, we understand that from time to time the people under our care may not be able to complete an errand. Our caregivers will gladly assist in completing these errands whenever possible.

Light Housekeeping – The primary importance is to care for our clients, however when housekeeping is needed and the client is cared for, our staff will lend their attention to cleaning up and maintaining a clean environment.

Laundry – Clean and fresh laundry is an added service that we provide to help each of our clients get the physical and mental rest that they need without the worries of taking care of house chores like the laundry.

Dusting and Tidying – Keeping the home free and clear of dust and clutter is important to the health and mental well-being of our clients. Our caregivers will dust and tidy up from time to time to ensure an optimal living space.

Linen Changing – Linens will be changed on a regular basis to reduce exposure to allergens, bed mites, and general grime.

Vacuuming – Vacuuming also reduces exposure to dust, allergens, mites, and other forms of grime which may affect the client. Our caregivers will vacuum on a regular basis.

Companionship – Friendship and social interaction is vital to us all. Companionship care consists of having someone to talk, play games, company on errands, and just simply someone to be a friend. We strive to match our staff and clients with based on personality to create a friendship and a bond.

Accompany to visits – Often times, a client under our care will want to go out and visit with friends or family. When appropriate, our caregivers will assist and accompany them to ensure all their needs are met.

Escort to Meals – We want to promote independence and although some have lost the physical ability to take themselves to social or religious functions, we can be an escort to them and make that possible and give them the ability to take part in these services to maintain their independence.

Escort to Religious Services – We want to promote independence and although some have lost the physical ability to take themselves to social or religious functions, we can be an escort to them and make that possible and give them the ability to take part in these services to maintain their independence.

Letter Writing – During free time, our caregivers will assist clients in writing letters.

Game Playing – Having fun by playing board games, card games and more is one of the best ways to maintain strong mental aptitude and happiness for the elderly and infirm.

Conversation – Good conversation lets us share our feelings and thoughts. A simple conversation can avoid feelings of loneliness and depression.

Please contact us for more information regarding our professional staff helping you or a loved one with these services. 805-777-3855