Ventura Private Home Care

“Looking For Ventura Private Home Care?”

Select Home Care is your answer for Ventura private home care. We specialize in customized Westlake in-home care for disabled individuals and older adults. With Select, your loved ones can receive compassionate, extended care without having to leave their home.

Why Choose Select Home Care?

  • Round-the-clock care
  • Clients stay in their own homes
  • Guaranteed caregiver compatibility
  • Assistance is stable and continuous
  • We tailor our service to meet client needs
  • Rates are based on individual needs

Select Home Care Staff Makes the Difference In Ventura Private Home Care

  • All are W-2 employees
  • Extensive background checks
  • Spotless criminal and driving records
  • Social Security status is verified
  • Three validated references from previous employers
  • Covered under employee dishonesty bond, and general liability and workers’ compensation insurance

Guaranteed Quality Care

  • 24 years in business
  • Excellent relationships with healthcare professionals and organizations
  • We can provide references from clients and professionals

Accepted Payments

  • Long-term care insurance
  • Workers’ compensation insurance
  • Private payment

Select Home Care offers your disabled or elderly loved one companionship, social interaction, and personalized, round-the-clock care in the most comfortable environment of all: their own home. If you are seeking quality, customized, 24-hour private home care in Ventura County, contact our office today at (805) 777-3855 or call toll free at (800) 993-1657.