2016 Congress Funding for Alzheimer’s

With all the advancement, effort and money made in the medical field, it can feel frustrating that there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s. What’s important to remember is that despite any kind of waste or inefficiency that might be found today amongst the doctors, there are still discoveries being made that could lead to the ultimate goal. For those providing at home senior care, here is the information for the coming year about the disease’s 2016 Congress funding.

Congress has continually increased spending for the Institute of Aging, where the majority the designated for research and development for Alzheimer’s patients. A health care home can take comfort that in this coming year, an additional $350 million has been approved for additional studies that could lead to better management strategies for at risk seniors, preventative care or an effective vaccine. The president of the Alzheimer’s Association, Harry Johns, was thrilled by the announcement who felt the final number was due, in part, to the efforts of his organization. This is fantastic news for those who might be diagnosed at a later date, but could be somewhat unsettling news for a home care service accommodating those who already have the disease.

It doesn’t have to be said that Alzheimer’s and dementia are extremely expensive and they affect millions of people’s lives. One plausible scenario, if a cure is found is that it will also help slow down the course of the disease for those with senior home health to assist both the patient and their caregivers and family members. The ripple effect of this disease can stretch farther than people can even imagine, and putting the spotlight on those in health care homes could speed up the progress. The goal here would be to give attention to anyone affected — not just for those who may become affected. The increase in funding will inspire more people to take on this cause and try to come up with a viable solution for the future.

There are many people in aged care services who have had their realities altered substantially by having a loved one with Alzheimer’s who need something more than a vague promise of hope at some point down the line. It’s good to remember that the efforts of those who are involved in home health services on a regular basis have made a real difference when it comes to funding. If the bulk of Congress is so far removed from the disease, then it’s unsurprising that they would only be looking at the bottom line (around a quarter of a trillion dollars spent on health care for Alzheimer’s.) To them, a few extra hundred million dollars might look like a bargain. With just over 5 million people in America are currently suffering from this dreaded condition, those in care services can take comfort in the efforts of the federal government, and continue to fight for more specific requests such as better funding for equipment or additional workers in the health care home field.

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