Unfortunately, there are still lots of people who don’t understand dementia or Alzheimer’s. It creates confusion and frustration for everyone which can lead to anger or worse. Those providing home care for seniors should be educated about this particular topic of course, though families could also stand to learn more too. Once they do, their biases may start to shift which can lead to more patience. This new understanding also inspires compassion or, at the very least, encourages the search for solutions to work around personal feelings or inability to handle the devastating effects of this disease. There’s no arguing that elder care services can be made difficult when a patient is unable to remember basic facts or has fits out of frustration. However, education and empathy may create smoother home senior care.

Dementia Strikes Older People

Unfortunately, this is just not true as individuals as young as their 30s have been known to be afflicted. Out of the more than 5 million people who have Alzheimer’s, about 200,000 are under age 65. A health home service knows that while the disease affects the brain, it’s also dependent on diet, lifestyle and genetics. It should come as some comfort to know that there are preventative measures which can at least decrease the odds of early onset symptoms of the disease. Dementia caregivers can change the foods that are eaten by their charges along with their exercise and daily habits. Studies show that activities like crossword puzzles can be extremely beneficial to keeping minds active and less susceptible to dementia. Nothing is guaranteed in dementia home health care, however awareness can be the key for several people.

It’s Common to Become Forgetful as One Ages

This is a true statement, though the effects are very different when a person is afflicted with Alzheimer’s. As the body begins to decay, so too do our minds. However, humans exert much more control over the rate than the general public understands. Alzheimer’s (and other forms of dementia that affect those in dementia home health care) is not simply misplacing keys, it’s a serious disease that destroys the memory and eventually kills the victim. Battling Alzheimer’s is always fatal, and the suffering it causes goes far beyond that of general memory forgetfulness. Those in a dementia home care service who have the disease do not have a lot of treatment options available to them, though it’s comforting to know there are many doctors trying to reverse this fact.

Environmental Factors Cause Alzheimer’s

It’s still unclear what causes Alzheimer’s, however it’s not aspartane or aluminum pots and pans. Select Home Care’s dementia care services can educate the family about the media-driven stories which linked different events (the flu shot, etc.) to dementia, though were later summarily disproven. This can help keep the environment safe and fear to a minimum.  At home senior care is about using the resources that are available efficiently, and the emphasis is placed on preventing the real culprits of this disease from taking hold before it happens.

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