As we age, we face more challenges around the home which increases the chances of being injured or hospitalized. Here are a few of the home safety concerns for Pasadena seniors that caregivers should be on the lookout for:

  1. Medication mismanagement – forgetting to take medication or improper dosage can result in illness and/or hospitalization.
  2. Unsafe living environment – navigating stairs, stepping in/out of the shower, and even maintaining a clean home are challenges for seniors that can result in injury or illness.
  3. Not recognizing limitations – it’s difficult for seniors to acknowledge that they are no longer able to do something, such as drive a car safely or cook meals.
  4. Inadequate amount of care – the absence of a professional or family caregiver can result in physical and/or mental issues. A regularly scheduled caregiver can ensure a safe environment and provide companionship.
  5. Inadequate assistive devices – bathroom grab bars, emergency response wearable devices, and even online communication tools can reduce home safety concerns for seniors.

There are solutions for these safety concerns. Select Home Care Pasadena can assist with these home safety concerns for seniors and help you to avoid injury and hospitalization. Trained in-home caregivers can provide the peace of mind that your Pasadena senior is safe at home.

Our expert team can provide you with a free assessment of your or your loved one’s home and identify any areas of concern. Our goal is to eliminate home safety concerns for seniors and to allow your loved one to age safely at home.

Please contact Select Home Care Pasadena at 626-799-4855 today to schedule your complimentary in-home assessment.