Memory links us to who we are, and it’s extremely important for a dementia care service to promote the longevity of brain function. As generations live longer and longer, we’ve seen just how devastating the effects of dementia can be. However, there’s no reason to feel powerless against the disease, especially if you’re seeking in home health care for a loved one or family member who may be at risk. There are still plenty of measures that can be taken from encouraging crossword puzzles every day to promoting a healthier diet. Here are 5 foods that in Select Home Care recommends and have shown to boost memory in adults of every age.

Boiled Eggs

Eggs can at times have a bad reputation for yolk is often billed as too high in cholesterol. However, the secret to enjoying such meals is to consume in moderation, and no one knows this better than the kind caregivers from Select Home Care. What’s better than learning our favorite foods can also increase brain function? Eggs have caltine in them which, along with the rest of the nutrients found in the versatile food, can help cognitive processes and capacity. Dementia home health depends on having the right diet available for those in their care.


Renown as a superfood, there’s seemingly nothing this vegetable can’t do. It’s not exactly known for it’s excitement factor, however families can enjoy it as a side dish with various entrees. The Vitamin K has been linked to improving brain power and getting everyone to think a little clearer. Those in home health care services can get a little more enthusiasm when they make it with melted cheese.

Rosemary Oil

Shake it up a little by inhaling as well as ingesting this aromatic and delicious-smelling herbal oil. A home senior care center can burn the oil in infusers or simply add it to lotion or bath water. Additionally, rosemary oil can enhance the taste of your chicken, pasta or seafood. And speaking of the water…

Fish Oil

Fish oil may be well-known to the older population. The slightly uninviting taste is generally justified by the many benefits. While the actual taste may not have improved, it has become much simpler to consume fish oil through the use of capsule or just by eating more salmon, sardines, tuna or trout. This is one of the preeminent methods to boost working memory, and it’s also healthier than red meat or pork. All those in case services can find the best ways to prepare it so diners can just pick up a fork and enjoy!

Sunflower Seeds

Many Americans don’t get enough Vitamin E from their diet, so everyone needs to start snacking. These seeds provide a sharp edge on all cognitive functions across the board. The top Dementia Care providers ensure their employees are meticulously monitoring the body and mind of those who trust them.

Everyone needs these foods in their daily diets — no exceptions. For those that are seeking improve memory function for a family member battling with dementia, these simple foods could make the difference in the quality of life for your loved one.

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