Are you currently working with your siblings to determine the best care options for your elderly parent? Family members are usually tasked with having to take on caregiver responsibilities for a parent, but deciding who in the family will be the primary caregiver can be stressful.

While sometimes responsibilities can be divvied up evenly among siblings, other times one sibling is left handling the bulk of the responsibility due to location or availability. The best thing siblings can do is avoid the tension by laying out plans ahead of time, so that you can work together peacefully and compromise. Here are some tips to help plan in-home health care with your siblings.

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Family meeting with siblings only

Before it comes to the point where a parent or elderly loved one needs in-home health care, have a discussion about it. Sit down with just your siblings and discuss how you want to handle such a situation; don’t wait until a crisis comes up to figure things out. The groundwork will have been laid, and, when the situation arises, it’ll be easier to handle.

Make sure the meeting has all siblings physically present and don’t invite parents. You could try to schedule it during a time when everyone is going to be in town for a holiday event. Keep it private and allow enough time to talk. This builds a foundation for good teamwork. This will not be a one-time meeting. Make sure all siblings know that a dialogue needs to continue over time to meet the changing needs of your parents.

What are your parents’ needs?

What are your parents’ needs right now? Do they require home Alzheimer’s care in Pasadena or another type of specialized care?  Should they have around-the-clock care or do they just need a little help here and there? Parents may downplay symptoms, but a sibling with Power of Attorney can talk to their doctors and make decisions from there. Discuss the options at the start, and as changes arise.

Talk to your parents

Once you’ve had initial conversations with your siblings, it’s time to talk to mom and dad. Get their input on the situation. Be sure to approach the subject with love, compassion, and sensitivity, as this can be a difficult transitioning period in an individual’s life.

Making a plan

Once you’ve determined your parents’ needs, split up responsibilities among the siblings. This will be based on availability, skills, and proximity, as well as what is feasible for each individual. Be sure to keep up with communication online and on the phone to share your experiences, observations, and concerns.

Finally, be ready to encourage each other and praise one another. Be flexible in assignments and help each other when difficult situations arise. Avoid sibling conflict during this time and consider counseling to fix any unresolved issues that may interfere with care.