Our balance, flexibility and muscle strength decline if we don’t use it, however for seniors it can start diminishing much sooner than even they realize. An unforeseen fall during the advanced ages can be exceptionally devastating and can drastically decrease mobility for months afterward. Those who provide senior home health services are aware of how important it is for those in their care to have a strong sense of independence. We’ll take you through the main causes of falling and practices that anyone can do to prevent needless falling.

What Are the Main Causes of Falling?

Unfortunately, all parts of the body tend to lose their function over time, and certain parts quicker than others. Eyes tend to blur images or nighttime vision decreases which causes people to miss steps or trip over objects in their path. Home senior care gives special attention to hips and legs which may give out without warning. When pitch forward or step awkwardly, it can increase the risk of  falling  and severe injuries than just a standard fall. Also, depending on the medication being taken, seniors may feel dizzy or disoriented after having ingested it. For all the hazards out there, elder care services promotes proper exercises as well as making safer choices in the home. To safeguard against every hazard is not likely, however mitigating the risk of a detrimental fall can be life-changing.

Balance Makes Perfect

One basic exercise during a senior in home care session is to have the person stand up, hold onto a chair and balance on one foot for ten second, then repeat with the other foot. This is mainly to see what the skills are before doing anything else. If it results in a lot of wobbling, then the highly-trained caregiver knows there’s definitely work to do! If the person holds steady, then it’s a good sign regarding their relationship with gravity. Heel-to-toe walk can also be a good method to gauge a senior’s balance. The exercises involves stepping forward while ensuring that their front foot’s heels touch their back foot’s toes. For more advanced seniors, aged care services offers basic yoga to focus on their core and increase their flexibility. It can also help the elderly get more in touch with their body, so as to know what they can handle and what they can’t. It’s an ever-moving target when it comes to mobility.

Putting the Home in Order

Clutter is a part of life, though it also adds to the odds that a senior will fall over something in their path. A senior in home care caregiver can help clean everything up for safety reasons. They can also make sure there’s enough light in the home, especially in staircases and hallways. Having non-slip shower mats and safety supports in the bathroom is also a must (and so simple to do!) Water is dangerous and more injuries happen in the bathroom than any other room in the home. With all of the activity in there, it’s easy to see why care services recommends having extra precautions.

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