Here are some general guidelines for helping individuals become eligible for Medicaid services at home under the personal care and homemaker program. This is given for educational purposes only.

  • They must meet financial and physical needs.
  • For example they cannot have more than $2050 assets; spouses can have roughly $109K.
  • They must also need close to a nursing home level of care.
  • The current look back period is 5 years for all qualifying assets.
  • Income limitations vary. Please consult with an Elder Law Attorney for details.
  • Ask about the Utah Trust law as it may be of assistance

Amount of Care available to patients

  • Individuals on Medicaid will generally have 2-3 hours 2-4 times per week, or a maximum of 5 hours 7 days per week, very rare though.
  • Individuals that need 24 hour care may qualify for Private Duty Nursing or will need to be in a facility if they need 24 hour supervision.
  • You can start with private pay and spend down your savings and switch to Medicaid.

Pros to Medicaid

  • Allows spouses and family members to get some in-home support
  • Lots of providers out in Denver to choose from
  • Allows individuals to stay at home and age in place

Cons to Medicaid

  • Takes long time to get approved
  • Eligibility can be bumped at any time from the county affecting care
  • Limited amount of coverage and scope is very narrow for care providing agencies