Memory Recollection Tips for Alzheimer’s

A family member coping with Alzheimer’s can struggle retaining memories. Recent events easily become unclear and puzzling. A loved one’s past will usually be clearer than the present. Witnessing a family member deal with Alzheimer’s is painful. Nevertheless, those close to the Alzheimer family member can provide comfort in helping them retain memories.

Here are a list of easy tips to help your loved one keep and create new memories.

Take Them Back

Traveling with a loved one with Alzheimer is not a simple task, however it can reward your loved one with dormant treasured memories. Certain familiar locations can evoke old memories. A journey to their old school, recreational park, or museum can spark past memories. A trip to their hometown, old church or school can prompt beloved memories that they can recollect from earlier years.

Harness the Five Senses

Evoking dormant memories by harnessing into a loved one’s five sense is a good practice. Often the smell and taste of their favorite meal is enough to capture old memories of days past. The touch and movement in dancing is an excellent method to bring back their old dancing selves. Further, playing a loved one some of their favorite band’s music can spark some of their most vibrant memories.

Review Keepsakes

Guide your parent or family member back to a treasured time through old keepsakes such as awards, videos, pictures, vacation souvenirs, and year books. Being in contact with beloved reminders can help recall important moments and lead to creating new memories. In addition to being in contact with the keepsakes, it is just as important to speak of the history and stories behind them.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Remember you can play an active role in drawing out memories. However, Alzheimer’s does not make it as simple as asking questions. You have to ask your parent or loved one the right questions. Therefore, avoid questions that pressure and frustrate a family member suffering from memory loss. Instead, share what you see or tell a familiar story. This can prompt the recollection of memories, raise your loved one’s spirits, and engage them into conversation.


Technology makes it easier to document new memories. Create an oral history by conducting interviews with family members. This is an excellent way to actively engage with your extended family, and it helps your loved one cope with memory loss. An alternative, is to record a simple video of family visits or transfer old videos to DVD. Make use of old photo and create a memory collage. In addition, label old family photos with important events, locations, and name of friends to help your loved one recall memories.

You can assist a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s with these easy methods, regardless of their Alzheimer’s stage. Not only will you help them sort out old memories, but can keep them engaged and bring back old memories to the present.

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