Learn About Los Robles Homecare’s Joint Replacement Program

Los Robles Homecare’s Joint Replacement Program has improved the lives of many people. We believe the key components to successful results are excellent preparation prior to surgery coupled with highly skilled post-operative follow-up services. Los Robles Homecare Services has made this available to you through our Coordination of Care, Los Robles Homecare’s Joint Replacement Program, which we have developed in collaboration with local surgeons.

Los Robles Homecare's Joint Replacement Program

Los Robles Homecare Services, Joint Replacement Program

This comprehensive package combines education, coordination of services and superior home health care to assure continuity of care throughout your joint replacement experience. The skilled staff at Los Robles Homecare Services will work with other service providers (pharmacies, surgeons, and hospitals) to ensure a smooth transition from surgery to post-operative recovery.

The Coordination of Care, Joint Replacement Program centers around three main elements, all of which are provided by Los Robles Homecare Services:

  1. Community Educational Seminar
  2. Personalized In-Home Evaluation
  3. Post-Operative Nursing and Therapy Services at home once you have been discharged from the hospital

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Skilled Nursing Los Robles Homecare Services are among the best in the County

The nursing staff at Los Robles Homecare Services provides treatment for patients under the close supervision of the patient’s physician. They manage and assess each patient individually to provide a plan of care specifically designed to improve their current condition.

You no longer need to travel to a medical facility like a hospital or a nursing home to get health services from a skilled nurse. With your physician’s recommendation, the skilled nurse will be the one to visit your home instead.

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