Choosing the right caregiver for yourself or a loved one can prove to be a challenging experience. Hiring a caregiver is the best solution for someone that doesn’t want to be given their care outside of their home, such as a nursing home or assisted living. There are medical and non-medical forms of caregivers and job descriptions vary depending on which type you choose.

Many people may find themselves asking what exactly in-home care entails. The first step to finding and arranging in-home care is choosing between a licensed professional that can assist with medical needs and someone that can simply function as a homemaker or companion.

Home Care Aides:

This type of caregiver would be ideal for someone who is in need of minimal assistance around the house with chores and personal care. This is similar to having a homemaker and doesn’t require any certifications. These caregivers are typically supervised by a licensed nurse or social worker. Some of the things they can assist with include caring for pets, housework, picking up prescriptions, and opening mail.

Medical Professionals:

A medical professional that is hired as a caregiver in a home is usually a nurse, a doctor, or a physical therapist. They are useful for someone that will need regular medical services. This can also include social workers. All professionals in this category must administer care based on the doctor’s orders.

Home Health Aides:

A home health aide is similar to a home care aide, but different in that they have received formal training and have passed testing to become a caregiver. Sometimes these are CNAs, other times they are personal care aides. But in either case, they work for certified hospice or home health agencies run by the state. These caregivers are typically supervised by a nurse, but also are able to perform basic health services like checking temperatures and giving the patient their medicine.

Any type of home health aide is going to allow an older or disabled person to have the ability to still live independently at home. If needed, there are organization that can be both medical and homemaker help, and can vary in the frequency of visits depending on someone’s needs. For anyone looking for in-home caregivers in Ventura County, first decide which type of caregiver you need and then you can check out some great organizations in the area to look for the right caregiver for you.