When a loved one needs constant home care, it may seem like the family’s schedule needs to become devoted entirely to their schedule. However, while it can be an adjustment for everyone, that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to put their life on hold for someone who needs a home care service. There is help for those who want to be able to enjoy their summer while still giving their loved one the best in care.

A Little Or A Lot

Every person who needs a home health agency has their own wishes, and they each have their own medical conditions that affect different parts of the body. Whether a family has a senior in home care who just needs a little help getting in and out of the tub or who needs someone to chat with throughout the day, our highly skilled professionals are here to provide what they need — not to push services on them that they don’t. Our staff is trained to deliver the best in home health services, which also involves knowing when help is simply not required. On the other hand, if a family does happen to have a loved one who needs more constant care and attention, then our caregivers in care services are more than willing to come to their aid too.

Staying Cool, Calm and Collected

When family is out on the waves or getting in that second round of golf, they can rest easy knowing that everything is being taken care of. When the family needs some extra help when everyone wants to go out to dinner, a caregiver in home health care services can be there to help with transport, eating and cleaning after the meal. Families may be surprised at just how comfortable it can be for everyone to live together under one roof. Vacations are about relaxing, not about worrying that people are miserable. Caregivers in a vacation home or a hotel providing in home health care can also provide a little light housekeeping tasks, like running errands or tidying up.

A Choice in Care

There are two options available for someone who needs 24 hour home care, and each is designed to ensure that both caregivers and a senior in home care can get the rest and attention they need to have better days and calmer nights. If a senior is able to make it through at least 6 hours of sleep a night, then it’s possible to get a live-in caregiver. The caregiver must also need to be able to get their own private area and have enough time for breaks and meals. If this is not possible, then a family can get two caregivers who will work 12 hour shifts to ensure that there’s help available, regardless of what time it is. For the right home health services, learn more about the staff at Select Home Care. Our company is committed to providing the best in care, so see how we can help people get better peace of mind when at home and out of town.