Caring for those with Alzheimer’s

Home senior care workers and the families of those with Alzheimer’s have learned a great deal about how to care for their charges through trial and error, and that’s will be true for anyone new to this horrible disease too. However, there’s no reason not to learn from their mistakes so fewer mistakes are made and caregivers face less stress in their day-to-day activities.

The Beginning of Alzheimer’s Care

No matter how smart a person is they probably don’t know possess sufficient knowledge about Alzheimer’s. Understanding the basics does not mean that a person is at all qualified to start caring for a senior in home care. Researching the basics of how people change and the theories as to why provides a person in respite care services a way to make sense of the situation and, perhaps even more importantly, can help one develop real empathy for a suffering senior. It would be difficult to witness someone lose control of their faculties under any circumstances, nonetheless being mentally prepared can go a long way with the coping process.

Getting Personal

It adds value to think of an individual with Alzheimer’s disease as a lesson in preventative care services. In order to safeguard against potential disasters, a qualified caregiver needs to possess knowledge of their habits to ensure their well-being. Professionals and family members will have to delicately develop a routine that can retain a patient out of harm’s way while continuing to meet their needs. Being comfortable with the full schedule from eating to exercising is imperative. Caregivers in home senior care can begin with simple measures like shower mats and non-slip stair railings and then branch out to the best ways to perform tasks basic hygiene or grooming. Over time, those providing care understand how a person prefers to be treated and the optimal methods to coax certain behaviors out of them. For several seniors in home care, it’s the promise of a reward while for others they just need a basic level or respect.

A Two-Way Street

A best practice to care for another person is for the caregiver to take the necessary time to care for themselves. A caregiver is no use to anyone if they can’t function or are functioning on an auto-pilot setting. This can be all too common in the case of caring for individuals with dementia, and it makes for a frustrating situation on both ends of the equation in at home senior care. Taking the time out to relax isn’t just pleasant, it’s literally necessary for continued success.

Asking for Help

If a family member or loved one with Alzheimer’s is in need of help, there’s no shame in this at all. Often, the condition progresses to a point where only a trained caregiver professional can help with the constant demands and struggles that happen on a daily basis. It’s comforting to know that there are concerned individuals who want to alleviate some of the burdens of caring for a loved one with dementia.

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