Preventing Pneumonia in the Seniors

Pneumonia in the elderly is particularly threatening because as the body ages, the immune system can weaken considerably. In home care services for aging seniors, it can prove difficult to spot the symptoms of this disease. At times pneumonia symptoms mimic the signs of a person with Alzheimer’s. To understand the best preventive practices, an effective health care home needs to be prepared both before and after any troubling symptoms appear.

One Eye Open

There are several signs to keep track of as a professional caregiver in home care services. On any given day, patients could be dealing with multiple disasters or unexpected events at a time. For someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s they may already be exhibiting symptoms of weakness or confusion (A.K.A. symptoms of pneumonia), therefore it can be a rather difficult job to extract which symptoms are linked to the disease and which aren’t. One thing an at home senior care caregiver can do is be on alert to even subtle changes that weren’t present before. Again, this is no easy task nevertheless it can be done. It’s possible the dementia is simply progressing or it’s possible that the senior in home care has contracted a different illness on top of their Alzheimer’s. For more obvious signs such as a high fever or chills, a doctor will need to be called as soon as possible.

Other Precautions

Like any other contagious disease, proper disinfecting of both the body and household surroundings can make a world of difference. Home senior care does not mean keeping elderly people in a bubble, though it does mean carrying out some fairly strict standards of hygiene. Constant monitoring and cleaning in a home health service environment can drastically reduce the risk of contracting pneumonia or other communicable illnesses. For additionally effective senior home health, there is a one-time vaccination that a doctor can administer as well. This may not guarantee immunity from the disease, however it does reduce the risk. Be aware a doctor may also want to do a booster for pneumonia after 5 years, therefore keeping up on all medical records in aged care services is a must. Also, if a senior smokes, their chances of developing pneumonia in their lungs increases, as a result the person should quit as soon as possible. Of course, smoking also leads to a variety of other diseases, thus quitting cigarettes is good for a person’s health on a number of levels!

Of course, a senior in respite care services should exercise, eat well, stay productive and sleep at regular intervals. These are all necessary to keep up a good immune system. There is no reason for those in we care home health services to give up on staying healthy in their later years. Though it requires more effort (with higher risk factors), it’s entirely possible to stay on top of a routine that promotes overall wellness in senior home care.

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