In families with children of both genders, the burden of care shifts onto the daughter’s shoulders as parents grow into their old age. According to research gathered from a University of Michigan analysis on health and retirement, elderly parents are twice as more likely to depend on their female children.

Females take over due to male absence

Using data taken from a survey of more than 26,000 people, the author of the study concluded that women must make up for their brothers’ (or the male relatives in their family) relinquished responsibilities when it comes to maintaining their aging parents’ health. The study is to be presented in the upcoming week at the American Sociological Association in San Francisco, as reported in The Washington Post. Research suggests that daughters usually take on the psychological and physical stresses of tending to their parents, while sons leave that to their sisters. The findings reserve that the financial aspects of this task usually fall onto the female caretaker, as well.

Women as caregivers

The study also maintains that the reasons might be based on traditional gender roles. While daughters base their ability to care for their parents off of the amount of time they have after caring for their children, sons base their ability to care for their parents off of whether or not their sisters or female relatives can care for their parents.

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