What is aging in place? According to the Aging in Place organization, “Aging in place refers to living where you have lived for years, not typically in a health care environment or nursing home, using products, services, and conveniences which allow you to remain home as your circumstances change. In other words, you continue to live in the home of your choice safely and independently as you get older.”

We have found that most people prefer to continue living at home. And why wouldn’t you? It’s familiar. It’s full of memories. You have all of your belongings. It’s just more comfortable. While there are some reasons why elderly need to live in an assisted living facility or nursing home, our goal at Select Home Care Pasadena is to provide elder care to Pasadena seniors so they can live safely at home as long as possible.

Here are two key components for aging in place:

#1 In-Home Caregiver

Get help. There are various levels of elder in-home care that offer skilled care, companionship, and many other services for your loved one. Whether your aging parent is still living in their home, or they’ve moved in with you, Pasadena in-home caregivers are available to provide in-home care for the elderly — one afternoon per week or 24-hours a day, whatever you need.

At Select Home Care Pasadena we want you to feel comfortable and confident about the care your loved one receives. Trust, reliability, and experience are all major issues to consider when choosing a home care agency. Select Home Care Pasadena ensures your best experience by providing the following services delivered by professional caregivers:

#2 Senior Care Technology

Take advantage of technology. Technology can help seniors age in place. And it can give family members some peace of mind that their loved one is safe. There are many technology solutions available, including:

  • Emergency response
  • Fall prevention
  • Wander prevention
  • Remote monitoring
  • Medication management
  • Home safety

GPS monitoring systems use bracelets, or even discrete shoe insoles, to locate a loved one who has a tendency to wander. Medication management technology can ensure that prescribed medication is taken at the correct time and at the correct dosage. Video technology allows caregivers and family members to video chat at any time. A cook stop device can alert caregivers that the stove has been left on for an extended period of time. The bottom line…technology can be a life saver.

In conclusion, most seniors wish to age in place where their families were raised and memories were made. Select Home Care Pasadena is the premier choice for those families looking for a stay-at-home solution with the highest level of managed care. In addition, we partner with leading senior technology providers to offer technology solutions that can help seniors age in place.

Contact Select Home Care Pasadena at 626-799-4855 for a free in-home assessment. We can help you determine the best care solution for your loved one.